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Preserving Collectivity

A collaboration with Campus in Camps, this was a collective reflection of the engagement with STATISA during September 2019. STATISTA together 10 community led art collectives (ExRotaprint, MACAO, CATPC, Campus in Camps, Planbude, Nachbarschaftsakademie Prinzessinnengarten, Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center, Chto Delat, ruangrupa) who are focused on building alternative infrastructures and initiating collective actions. 


The program took place in former The House of Statistics, the  GDR central bureau of intelligence in East Berlin. With the disused building proposed to be redesigned, STATISTA challenged what temporary and collective forms of organizing can bring this type of urban developments, and how they can be used to carve out space for cultural, social, educational and political programs while also resisting gentrification.

After engaging with the program, I worked with Campus in Camps to reflect on what from the temporary activation could be preserved along with the building, and how this could create a form for future temporary uses. 

31.10.2019 Statista Drawing - Temporary
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